Review – PinkNova – Deep Autumn Leaves

PinkNova – Deep Autumn Leaves. Bio Cotton/Baby Alpaca I’ve been intrigued by this company since a fellow wrapper gave them props for their high quality releases and for being really lovely to work with. While their initial pattern release – Kisses – wasn’t quite attuned to my bit of an introvert self, I was excited … More Review – PinkNova – Deep Autumn Leaves

Review – Ankalia – Icarus Mariana

We hosted Ankalia’s beautiful upcoming release Mariana several weeks ago, while the colorway was still under wraps. The color way is sexy stunning. Moody, beautiful deep blues and degrees of black. It’s not sombre though – it’s a stunning lush combination of deep colors that look gorgeous in person and beautiful on camera. Wear wise: … More Review – Ankalia – Icarus Mariana

Review – Apple Blossom Wovens – Morning Glory v1 Natural

I’m admittedly a big wrap skeptic. I generally don’t buy into most things – and have a maybe not so tiny “I’ll believe it when I see it” chip on my shoulder. It’s part survival against churning, part protection against lusting and small stash woes, probably equal parts being slightly a bit of a wrap … More Review – Apple Blossom Wovens – Morning Glory v1 Natural