Review – Mamamokum Handwovens – Moonglow & Natural Flowing Curves

Moonglow – 8 shaft Point Twill, Egyptian Cotton.

Natural Flowing Curves – Pima/Egyptian Cotton, Fancy TwillFB_IMG_1450019445756

I’ve been super curious about Mamamokum since Sadie debuted Spring Bling and Cinder’s Bling (sparkle thread)! These two exquisitely woven visitors did not disappoint. I’m normally not sad to see wraps go – but these wraps were so on point as far as weaving quality and feel – and fit so well into my normal wrapping preferences – sending them out was a tiny bit of a bummer.



To be honest, I’m not a really huge pink person. I appreciate pink, but in general, it’s not a color that I find myself gravitating to, or lusting after much.FB_IMG_1450812315189

Moonglow though.


The colorway is a really pretty and unexpected combination of colors. The colors are bold, bright, while at the same time soft and subtle. The glitter tail accents are spot on. The point weave only accentuates the prettiness and FB_IMG_1450812309951play of colors within the warp. And the wrap photographs beautifully. It quickly became the wrap of preference for bedtime, even deceptive bribing to convince someone to try “the really soft natty wrap” were met with stubborn “Non, le rose!!!!” complaints, till I um. Maybe had to hide it somewhere else in the house in order to get some wrap time with it’s visiting companion.

Wear wise. This is ever so thin, especially considering it is a twill and not a plainweave. While thin, it’s quite supportive and maintains great moldability wihtout any stretch or sag. Tight chest passes, no dig. Supportive in front carries over a preggo bump. Thumbs up all around.

Weaving wise. The middler markers are simple and subtle. Hems are fantastic. Selvedges – amazing. Lovely weaving all around.


Who would like this wrap: Plainweave lovers searching for a tiny bit of extra cush and support. Bright wrap lovers. Fans of glitter. Thin wrap lovers seeking more grip and less all over stretch.

Who might pass on this wrap: Really cushy soft blanket seekers. Fans of more neutral colorways. Large kid wearers might find it not as supportive in shortie carries.

Natural Flowing Curves

This was my second time playing with a handwoven pima blend wrap, and it’s honestly only made me love pima as a wrap fibre even more.FB_IMG_1450812264797

Buttery yellow, similar to SLS Ashton, NFC is cool, elegant and ever so classy. The design structure is stunning in person, although it doesn’t tend to photograph as well on camera from afar.

Wear wise. Deceptively smooshy in hand, NFC wraps quite thin. It has amazing grip and texture, with great moldability. Tightening is easy and knots are small. While thin, NFC had enough grip to maintain a single knot in a front carry with a petite toddler.

2015-12-19 21.16.40Weaving wise. Again. Just beautifully made. From photos, I assumed that the weave would be looser, more potentially pull prone. But the weave is tight and flat and I was not worried wrapping with it. For a complex twill, the selvedges are extremely uniform and crisp. Really, really impeccable finishing that pleased this wrap perfectionist.

Who would like this wrap: Lovers of pima – this is another wrap to covet. Elegant wrap seekers. Thin wrap lovers. Fancy twill appreciators. I think large kid wearers might find this slightly more comfortable than Moonglow.

FB_IMG_1450812274502Who might pass on this wrap: People afraid of natty. Those wanting a wrap that’s a more easy care fibre blend. Cushy lovers might want something with a bit more bounce in the fibres.


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