Review – Willow Tree Wovens – Enchanted

Review: Willow Tree Wovens – Enchanted
Merino/Tussah and organic cotton warp FB_IMG_1450574532180

When I first opened this package, the blend of blues and bright green, pop of yellow, earthy brown rail, and sparkle threads conjured up images of spring, but this wrap was also perfect with heavy sweaters and in the late autumn light. The weave feels light and supple and the complex twill is striking. I liked the wrap when I first saw it folded. I loved it once I wrapped with it. And I was smitten once I saw how it photographed. Enchanted is the perfect chameleon – the right colours and blend for all seasons.




Wrapping: I first tried this wrap with a friend’s 15# baby in a FWCC and it was bliss. Flexible and intuitive to wrap, easy to tighten, and stays put. It has that beautiful malleable quality that I love in wraps containing wool. It’s not the softest blend I’ve felt, but there are no wool “prickles.” There’s no bulky knot – it’s medium small and neat. I next put this through the paces with my 34# toddler in a variety of back carries. Again, I loved the way this wrapped – flexible, with enough grip to hold passes, but not too grippy that you feel like you’re fighting the chest pass and rebozo pass in a double hammock. FB_IMG_1450574560735It didn’t, however, shine in a ruck; the heaviness of my wearee surpassed the sweet spot of this wrap. There was slip in a knotless finish for a ruck, and the single layer carry felt thin on my shoulders, though it felt secure and held up to my toddler’s shenanigans. My husband also tried this in a FWCC TUB with our toddler. He gave it two thumbs up and my heart melted when the toddler snuggled right in (Husband’s review: I like the colours of this wrap. I didn’t notice any slip. Maybe you’d tie tighter knots if you work out more.)

Weaving: Rebecca’s work is beautiful. This wrap is the kind of piece that you’d love to use as a blanket when wearing days are done because the colours, complex weave and attention to detail makes it a piece to keep. In such a saturated market, this wrap stands out as something that looks unique, which speaks to the artistry of the weaver. Selveges are clean and the branding and tagging isn’t obtrusive. My FB_IMG_1450574553009communication with Rebecca gives me the impression that this weaver is someone who cares about her work and the people the wear her work.
Who needs this wrap: Those who appreciate wool and texture. Lovers of sheen and sparkle. Wrappees under 25#. Wrappers new to handwovens who want something that wraps easily. Experienced wrappers looking for something special.

Who might pass: Wrappees on the heavy end of the spectrum. Lovers of thick, dense weaving. Those who are looking for an easy-care blend.

Jola & F




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