Review – Joy & Joe – Lemon Fluffy Shades of Feathers

Italian Cotton / EC cotton.

First off. This wrap comes with a bit of a mouthful of a name. For simplicity, I’ll refer to the wrap as Feathers throughout the review.


The pattern is delicate and elegant in person, and the wrap has fabulous texture in hand. While not in my particular normal color preference, I know a lot of people that love all the neons, and I can see many being estatic about the shade of this wrap. It does tend to be hard to photograph in non natural light, and I had a hard time capturing a true sense of its color for photos.

Feel wise. Joy & Joe mention in their listing that this particular colorway has been specially steam treated so as to require very minimal or no breaking. I’m not the first to play with this visitor, so I can’t testify as to whether it arrives feeling, well, not so much new. On arrival to me, it didn’t quite come across as broken in cotton floppy, but it wasn’t stiff to the touch either. It feels in hand more satin like – smooth and dry – most akin to Pavo Lovebirds, with a bit more softness. It’s not a conventional sort of soft – not blankety soft – but not truly floppy either.FB_IMG_1449372751332 It’s true softness is most apparent when wrapping, but even then, it’s not the softness one might be expecting from it’s description. It’s an in between broken in cotton and pillow-y wool feel – softer and more supple than Repreve, not quite as slick soft and drape-y as Tencel.

Wrapping wise, it wraps supportive, without a lot of stretch. Clean and neat chest passes with a bit of grip and no slip.

Finishing – hems are clean, wrap quality feels high. I’m not certain what Italian cotton is, and I didn’t have much luck googling to figure out what might make it different from EC. To me, the sheen/shine and feel in hand are reminscent of merc and tencel.FB_IMG_1448972783454

Who might like it: Gravitators to Pavo Lovebirds. Lover of vibrant colors/designs. Those searching for a bit more support while maintaining softness. Texture fans.

Who should avoid: Blanket soft lovers. Stretchy lovers. Pastel or muted color lovers.



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