Review – Willow Tree Wovens – Enchanted

Willow Tree Wovens – Enchanted


Enchanted is soft and delicate, in both colorway and feeling in hand. I’m a long time green lover, and I recognize it doesn’t always play nicely with other colors and wefts. Rebecca has complimented it beautifully in this wrap, it’s fresh and intense, not muddy or lost. The complexity of the other colors hiding in the weave (periwinkle?) help further make the entire colorway engaging, and the twill pattern chosen works beautiful to add even greater dimension and interest. It’s a super flattering spring friendly wrap. If anything, I felt like the wrap was prettier in person than it photographed. I found it hard to capture the dimension and softness of the colorway well in flat shots, and think it may just be a colorway/pattern that is harder to capture accurately via photo.


Wear wise. Enchanted felt light and floppy, soft, yet not quite buttery soft like some merino blends, nor super dense and textured like others we have owned. It holds a chest pass easily, and while I expected a bit of slip to accompany the softness, the crackle and silk combination seemed to give it enough stick to keep it super solid in multi pass carries. It reminded me most of the New Tribe Textiles we had visit, with that glorious silk sheen accompanied by lovely moldability and texture.

Weaving wise. The wrap is beautiful woven. Selvedges are clean. I liked that Rebecca has chosen to center her tag on the tail versus move it to a rail. The markers and tags she has chosen are clean, visible, and yet not distracting. The wrap came beautifully packaged, even with the knowledge it was going to be opened and tested and that I wasn’t actually the purchaser.
As an aside, I think both approachability and a genuine interest in satisfying consumers are becoming more and more important in this industry. Rebecca, like another local weaver I have recently reviewed for, have shown an incredible
IMG_2165amount of concern in insuring that the products she hopes to eventually sell are both suitable for wrapping and at a high enough quality to be sold on the market. There doesn’t seem a rush to produce quickly, or capitalize on current momentum or interest. There is a genuine concern on Rebecca’s part to produce quality, functional wraps, that are tested and reviewed, and that impresses me.

Who would like this wrap: Silk lovers. Lovers of sheen. Lovers of grip and stick. Moldable chest pass appreciators. Toddler wearers.

Who might pass. Dense lovers. Bold colorway lovers. Jewel tone hunters. Wearers of newbies might appreciate a tiny bit more fiber softness.

Sissy & R


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