Review – Shearwater Weaving “Vagabond” – 5.2 White Wool Weft

Vagabond – 5.2 White Wool WeftIMG_3748postI am so blown away by this wrap!

I had the pleasure of hosting Julie’s Terra Nova woolie tester and from the minute I handed it off last winter I missed it. I loved, loved, loved that wrap with my tiny baby. When I found out the auction piece would have a wool option, there was no question. That said, I had no idea how the wool would stand up with a now much larger toddler.

It arrived just in time for the cold weather to hit. I opened the packaging, took it out of the bag, and let out a swooning sigh of awesome. It is incredible. There are so many details I hadn’t expected, single pinstripes of surprisingly complimentary colours like coral, lavender and soft green.

This is my first woolie (to call my own) and I chose a 5.2m to ensure I could multipass the shit out of it, and support my 25lb pork chop sufficiently should there be any sag issue.
I’m happy to say that there isn’t. I took her for a long walk in a DH with CCCB. Not my best wrap job, but holy forgiving wrap. Even with a bit too much slack through the chest, I didn’t feel a single pressure point, no dig in the shoulders. Even after the toddler tucked in and cocooned herself into the wrap for a nap, once she woke up she was just as high as I had wrapped her initially.


In typical Shearwater fashion, this beauty holds up gloriously with a single knot, and still manages to let me DH without the second hammock passes getting stuck under her bum (which I am so grateful for because I am completely graceless when it comes to anything more sophisticated than a ruck).

In comparison to the TN woolie, this feels like it is a bit of a tighter weave. It has a bit less stretch and bounce, but I consider that to be to my benefit in wrapping my now bigger kid (loads of support), and would still be luscious and marshmallowy for a tiny babe.


By now I know that Julie is a perfectionist, and I feel it’s redundant to say that the wrap is flawless and selvedges are ruler-straight, because that truly goes without saying at this point.

Beautiful, incredible attention to detail, soft, cushy, flawless. I wouldn’t change a single thing.


-Angela & E


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