Review – Va Va Valoom – Tranquility

Va Va Valoom, Tranquility.12080153_10206827113129338_4263939321326995169_o

We were honored to be offered the recent opportunity to test out Va Va Valoom’s competition entry and first release, Tranquility.

A mercerized cotton and tencel blend in crackle weave, this wrap is shiny, thin, and super supportive.

Andrea’s eye for color is showcased beautifully in her first release. While Tranquility photographs gorgeously, the wrap is 12087298_10206827113249341_1138251710385181129_oeven more captivating in person. The color play and pattern combine to make Tranquility both complex and intriguing. And, while I would not consider myself a fan of orange generally, I’m always ridiculously impressed when a weaver is able to use it artfully to convey and capture their inspiration.

Wrapping wise, I assumed wrongly based on feel that Tranquility was entirely mercerized cotton. My experiences with tencel have been limited to MWs, where I’ve found its extra softness has led easily to slip. But Tranquility was grippy, maintaining single knots easily. It molded beautifully in a chest pass and was supportive in a DH with my big kid. It felt flat and crisp soft on touch, and wrapped in feel most similarly to my Lucy Slykerman, all of which lead to my incorrect assumption of blend. Like my experience with bamboo, this wrap led to a great deal of introspect about my assumptions regarding different fibres and their HW wrapping qualities.

Weaving wise, the selvedges on this first release are lovely. Andrea noted before handing off that she would be changing her hems for future releases, although the hems were perfectly correct on this wrap and in consideration it was a more quickly finished competition piece. I noticed no flaws or imperfections.12091196_10206827113889357_2143217365147080480_o

This wrap is a tiny bit on the wider side, measuring at 30″. Wrappers of larger kids will rejoice in that extra width. Those with smaller tots should still find the width easy to work with, as the thinness of this blend and weave didn’t leave me feeling swallowed by extra width.

Who will like this wrap: Lovers of Lucy Slykerman. Width lovers. High shine lovers. Complex weave lovers. Denser woven support lovers.

Who might pass on this wrap: Those seeking extreme softness and stretch. Cushy pillow wrap lovers. And squishie wrappers might find the width a bit encumbering.

– Sissy & R


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