Review – Sawyer Bee – Punky V2

Sawyer Bee Punky V2 12068782_10206839402476564_6353898125423304915_o

Hemp/Cotton, Heart/ZigZag Weave

I have a new found appreciation for bright warps with neutral wefts this Fall, and Punky v2 is no exception. The warp colors are delicate, yet bold. It’s a bright, sunny wrap befitting its namesake, and the rainbow detail along the top rail is a sweet add on to an already perfect translation.

12087041_10206839402876574_1324093677556444955_oWear wise. Punky V2 lies a bit on the denser side, with a slight amount of grip and ultra support. Without a ton of stretch and measuring width wise at around 28 inches, those wrapping tall toddlers/pre k’ers might find they miss that extra inch or two of comfort zone wrap width. However, the fact that V2 is ridiculously supportive will likely help them forget about it. This wrap is toddler prison supportive. Leg bucking lock down good. With the combination of weave and hemp, Julie has effectively negated the sag/stretchy I find tend to accompany twill. There is enough stretch and moldability for a clean and neat chest pass, and just enough grip to maintain reinforcing passes, but it’s all accomplished in a structured, supportive wrap.

Weaving wise, the wrap is beautifully woven. The selvedges are clean, the twill pattern sharp. The pattern shifts subtly from heart to zig zag. And the tags! I’m a bit of a geek for a gorgeous tag, and these are really pretty. I know that Julie previewed new tags within her chatter, and while I would think it would be hard to beat what she already uses, her new tags look even more amazing. As a note for those that are a bit particular about texture, I did notice a tiny bit of piling on the wrap. Not noil level piling, but a few more than I notice on my other wraps.

Who would like this wrap: Dense wrap lovers. Grip lovers. Toddler wrap prison seekers. Rainbow admirers.12095030_10206839393596342_8097032829693687899_o

Who might pass on this wrap: Stretch lovers. Width lovers. Thin plainweave groupies.

– Sissy & R


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