Review – LJHandwovens – Golden Heart

12072683_10206768812911869_2434755206426746716_nLJHandwovens Golden Heart. Bamboo. Pebbleweave.

I’ve always shied away from bamboo. When you start wrapping, you’re exposed to a lot of babywearing lore. Like – hemp is the only thing suitable for big kids!! Plainweave isn’t as good for heavy weights! Wool is high maintenance!! And – bamboo is for newborns!

Hold up.

It apparently took me 2.5 years of wearing to one, actually try a bamboo wrap, and two, realize that I shouldn’t have been so skeptical of bamboo, at least in a handwoven, in the first place.

Out of the envelope, Golden Heart was lush soft. Scarf worthy soft. Cushy newborn blanket soft. SOFT. Lots of drape, lots of moldability. And, cue judgement, this is surely going to be saggy and slippy.12032159_10206732553325402_8256976077468318362_n

My wrappee is a petite 2 year old. Small, but full of toddler shenanigans. Leaning. Bouncing. And, cough, sometimes flailing. I expected the wrap to sag, drop and slip. I thought if anyone could trigger fibre shifting, it would be this kid. But Golden Heart handled it. The slip was negligible, if at all (shenanigans also means, precise wrap jobs don’t always happen). My knots held. If there was any sag, it wasn’t any more so than that of the cotton twills that have lived in our home. I feel like the pebble weave gave the bamboo the structure to remain supportive and retain its softness.

The low downs. The weaving was excellent. Clean selvedges, no flaws. The middle marker is subtle and the brand tagging was simple and sweet. I’m going to blame the bamboo on the fact that this seemed to hold on to wrinkles easily. I found it seemed to retain a bit of creasing from folding that just didn’t want to go away, even with different wrap jobs. The colorway was pretty, simple and neutral, but because I’m what I will self-lovingly call a weird shade of pale, it wouldn’t be a colorway I would necessarily gravitate to.

Who Would Like This: Squishy wrappers. Wrappers who love softness. Wrappers who value stretchy and moldability. Wrappers who can rock neutral shades.

Who Should Pass: Wrappers who are keen on more density, less give. I suspect wrappers of pre K or larger toddlers might find this blend a bit too susceptible to sag/slip at higher weight ranges. And wrappers who have a dislike for wraps that tend to show fold marks easily might want to pass.

  • – Sissy & R

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