Review – Handwoven Melodies “Happy” Tester

Handwoven Melodies “HAPPY” Tester


I was very surprised to see this wrap in person. The photos I had seen of it did not do this wrap justice. In photos, the purple dominates. Up close, it is full of depth and beauty! (Pictured below in between Zatgebo Mako and Wonder Woven Pink Ink).

I wish that same colour depth came through at a distance, but it is definitely appreciated by the wearer.

sad baby2

Cushy, cush, cush. Very soft and perfectly thick (medium) but airy, so surprisingly light in hand. This beauty held up wonderfully without sagging- even in a single pass carry. Less surprisingly, no dig to be had. I had my 20lb daughter up in a ruck for a quick up that turned into a hour long walk. With most wraps I would have stopped to switch to a more supportive carry, but it wasn’t necessary – thank you cush!

The weaving is beautiful, selvedges are perfect.

Pros: Cushy, Airy, No dig, Beautiful up close, Flawless weaving.
Cons: I don’t love the colour way/appreciate palette from a distance.

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